Sun Salutation – Video

Sun Salutation – Video

The Sun Salutation (or Surya Namaskara) is one of the most well known set of yoga sequences. They are a great way to move every part of your body. It is a perfect sequence if you only have five or ten minutes on the mat or a great way to warm the body and prepare it for the rest of your practice.


Facts about the Sun Salutations:

  1. A sun salutation consists of 12 moves which are completed twice (once on the right, once on the left) to make a full round
  2. Traditionally they were carried out during sun rise and sun set.
  3. In Yoga classes they are usually performed near the beginning of the class as a warm up.
  4. Three full rounds of the sun salutation are usually completed but 6 is recommended.
  5. Sun Salutations stretch and move the whole of the body, from head to toe!
  6. Each movement should be in sync with your breath – link breath and movement.
  7. Once the Sun Salutation become familiar enough, it can be used as a meditative practice.


How to do the Sun Salutation – Video



Download the PDF here so you can grab and go yoga when you have five minutes: Sun Salutations PDF
Sun Salutation

Let me know when you practice your Sun Salutations xx