Yoga For Tight Hips – Video


Yoga For Tight Hips – Video

Try this perfect Yoga sequence at home to help you open up the hips and strengthen the whole of the legs.


I get so many students who come to my classes with complaints of tight hips. This is why I try to focus my teaching on opening the hips and releasing the tension within them.


For most of us, our main daily activity is sitting. Whether it be in the car to and from work, or sitting at a desk busily typing away at our computer. With our hips constantly at the 90degree angle, its not wonder they begin to get stiff and sore.


Yoga For Tight Hips

This short ‘yoga for tight hips’ sequence, which can be completed at home, is perfect to work into those niggley spots within the hips and help to create space there. Not only that, but the poses shown will also help to strengthen the leg muscles which are directly linked to the hip.


Yoga for tight hips

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Have fun and namaste! xx