5 Ways to Stay Healthy When you are Sick

5 ways to stay healthy when you are feeling sick

5 Ways to Stay Healthy When you are Sick

This festive season can be a wonderful time for family and friends to get together and spend some quality time together. However, for many people it can be a time when sickness, colds and bugs catch up with us and can make it a not-so-jolly holiday!

So if you do come down with a sickness bug or feel poorly, here are my five top tips for staying healthy when you are suffering: 


1. Listen to your body

Listen to your body

I recently suffered from ‘Stomach Flu’ which involved appendicitis-like cramps in my stomach. I spent nearly three days sitting on the sofa and all I could eat was bread! I know that’s far from my normal diet, but I listened to my body and it told me that anything to flavoursome would not sit nicely. So during my poorly days I just let it go and listened to what my body wanted. 

2. Keep hydrated

Water with Lemon

It can be hard to keep drinking water when you feel rubbish but when your sick it can be really easy to become dehydrated which will make you feel even worse. 

My top tip if you are sick of plain cold water, is to add some freshly squeezed lemon into it to add a bit of flavour and also give you a vitamin boost. Also, mixing half hot and half cold water together will make a nice warm drink that will sit much easier in your stomach. 

3. Rest…


Whether you fill poorly for a day or for five, it’s really important to give your body time to rest and fix itself. If you continue to exercise when your feel poorly, your body uses its white blood cells to repair muscles and tissues from exercise rather than the infection inside you. This means you are likely to be ill for longer. Besides, when you feel sick, you can’t give you workout all your energy. 

4. Do your breathing practice


When we feel unwell, without knowing it, we can hold a lot of tension in the body, particularly in the areas where we are sick. By taking a few minutes to practice a ‘body scan’ and relaxing the body from the feet up to the head, we can release that tensions. 

Another breathing practice that is great for when you are poorly is simply just concentrating on your breath. Noticing it coming into the body and leaving again. This is great for when you have aches and pains as it can give you a little break from focusing on your pain. 


I hope that you find my top-tips for staying healthy when you are sick helpful and let me know if you have any of your own top tips for making yourself feel better when you are under the weather!

Namaste xx