Healthy Places to eat in London – Wild Food Cafe

Wild Food Cafe, London

Healthy Places to eat in London – Wild Food Cafe

I recently visited London for 24 hours and made it my mission to seek out some of the hidden healthy food gems of London.

For many of us who visit London, we tend to stick to large chain restaurants that we know are going to fill us for our journey around London. These restaurants are usually easy to find, on the main high streets and are easy to get to. Even though these restaurants can be great for convenience, they can sometimes be rather expensive, have rather a long wait for food and can sometimes not be the greatest quality food.

So I’ve done a little research and found some great places to eat that offer quick, healthy and delicious food that will keep you buzzing around London enjoying the sights and keep you on track for healthy eating (although it’s so delicious you wouldn’t even think twice about it).

Wild Food Cafe 

Convent Garden, WC2H 9DP, Website.

Wild Food Cafe, London

This little restaurant/cafe was tucked away through Neal’s Yard, surrounded by so many wonderful holistic shops and cafes, I thought I was in healthy heaven! This is just up the stairs from Neal’s Yard shop.

Wild Food Cafe, London Ayurvedic Salad


Everything on the menu is vegan and most of the foods are classed as ‘raw’ as the food is prepared under 42C. This ‘preserves enzymes, nutrients and flavour’. What I loved about this restaurant is that, unlike most, they stated if the food DID contain dairy or gluten. I am so used to it being the other way around, it was a refreshing change.

Wild Food Cafe, London The Wild Burger

The picture above shows a raw, vegan burger with sweet potato fries. Everything on this plate was warm and tasted amazing. For most people, if you told them you had some raw sweet potato fries they would think you were eating a raw potato! These sweet potatoes were the softest and most delicious sweet potatoes I have ever eaten!

Wild Food Cafe, London Choco Caramel Slice

After our main meal we knew we just had to try some of the desserts on the board. There were so many options to try it was hard to chose, but eventually I decided upon the Chocolate Caramel Slice It was absolutely amazing! You wouldn’t even know that it was made from raw healthy ingredients it tasted so good.

Wild Food Cafe, London Gingerbread, Pumpkin Cheesecake

This cheesecake was full of flavour and a definite must for anyone who loves ginger or pumpkin. This was also raw and vegan.

The staff at the Wild Food Cafe are so friendly and enthusiastic it is clear to see that they all have a passion for this incredible food and enjoy serving it and talking about it as much as we loved eating it!

I will definitely be stopping by next time I’m in London!


Be sure to check out their website where you can view their menu, check out their blog or find some of their recipes to recreate at home!


Enjoy! xx