Healthy Places to Eat in London – The Mae Deli

The Mae Deli, London

Healthy Places to Eat in London – The Mae Deli

I recently visited London for 24 hours and made it my mission to seek out some of the hidden healthy food gems of London…

So my 24 hour journey began at The Wild Food Cafe, Covent Garden (Click here to visit the post) and then took me to Total Organics, Burrough Market (Click here to visit the post).

My final stop was in Marylebone for a spot of lunch at Deliciously Ella’s new restaurant The Mae Deli.

The Mae Deli

Seymour Street, Marylebone, W1H 7JX, Website.

The Mae Deli, London

A beautiful little restaurant that sticks out from its neighbours with a bright blue front. Ella Woodward and her fiance Matthew Mills (pictured to the left of me) opened this gorgeous healthy haven on 14th December 2015 (only two days before I visited).

The Mae Deli, London

Sweet potato, seasonal veg, raw slaw and green bean & fennel dip.


When I first arrived there was a small queue outside the door (quite understandable as it had just opened that week). This was quite handy as it gave me a chance to study the menu and understand how it all worked. There was an amazing breakfast menu with items such as Burcher Museli, chia pudding and acai bowl on it, but as it was lunch time I opted for the more savoury items. For the lunch menu, it is a very mix and match style where you can choose from the delicious array set out on display for you. You can either choose between 3 hot choices or 2-4 salad dishes. They were all listed on the menu board and when it was your turn to order you just had to ask what you would like your bowl to be filled with before being given it straight away – no waiting time.

The Mae Deli, London

Sweet potato, curried califlower & lentils, seasonal veg and vegetable rice.


What I loved about this place was that you could see everything that was being served to you, so you could decide what you liked the look of, rather than trying to be tempted by the menu.

A lot of the food on the menu was vegan, however there was a salmon and chicken choice for those people who wanted to eat meat. Ella assures us they are free range and organic options.

The staff were so friendly and so calm considering it was SO busy and hot! They were able to keep check on the seating situation, explain to each person what the food choices were and be enthusiastic and friendly throughout.


The Mae Deli, London

Energy Balls


I couldn’t leave the restaurant without buying a few energy balls that are very similar to the ones I make myself (Click here for the recipe). I was so full after my meal but enjoyed them for a late afternoon snack!

I want to wish Ella and Matthew the best of luck with their new venture. The food was amazing and the deli is so homely and welcoming despite how busy it is.

I really hope you get to stop by this beautiful place soon and try the delicious food for yourself.