Mindfulness Books


Mindfulness Books

The term mindfulness has become a buzz word and it seems that everyone is doing it or advising people to do it! This is great because mindfulness is aimed at lowering stress, anxiety and depression as well as enabling you to make the most of your days in a productive, worry free way. However, unless you know how to be mindful, it can be difficult to know where to start!

So I thought I would share with you some great mindfulness books that I have found that I have used either with myself, my yoga class or with children. I have attached a link to each book so you can see where I purchased the book from.


‘The Little book of mindfulness’ – Tiddy Rowan

This is a really sweet book that has lots of thoughtful quotes, advice from mindfulness practitioners and scientists and step by step instructions for practicing mindfulness.

Favourite Quote:

‘A deeply relaxed person breathes around seven times a minute. Slow your breathing right down and you will automatically relax’ p10


‘The Little Book of Mindfulness; 10 minutes a day to less stress, more peace’ – Dr Patrizia Collard

This book is packed full of mindfulness practices that you can do in a short space of time. At the top of each page it gives to the length of time they roughly think it will take to do each session. The ideas are simple, easy to do and effective.

Favourite Quote:

‘Minfulness is a new way of being, a new way of experiencing life and improving one’s work-life balance’ p11


‘I am here now’ – The Mindfulness Project

This book is ideal for those of you who are more practical with your mindfulness. From page 1, it has you drawing, writing and colouring your way to mindfulness. It helps you to understand what mindfulness is and teaches you how to be more mindful in your everyday life. The activities are fun and easy to complete which is perfect for being mindful as it takes your attention away from your busy life and gives you some breathing space to focus fully on the doodle you are creating.

Favourite Quote:

‘The average length of an emotion left to its own deices is 1.5 minutes. What keeps it going beyond that?…the winds of thought.’ p46


‘Living with a black dog’ – Matthew and Ainsley Johnstone

For anyone who knows someone dealing with depression, it can be hard to understand how they are feeling or what you should say to them. In this book, it begins by explaining how someone may be feeling using brilliant pictures as well. It then goes on to tell you what not to say, and then what to say to help. It explains how to move forward and when external help is needed. A great book to give an insight into depression.

Favourite quote:

‘Try not talking. Just listen. Really being there for someone without opinion of judgement is one of the best gifts you can ever give’. 


I hope you find some of these suggested books as useful as I have. Let me know if you know of any books that have really helped you.

Lorna x