30 Day Vegan Challenge – Preparing for the Challenge

30 Day Vegan Challenge – Preparing for the Challenge

So the first day of my vegan challenge was filled with inspiration and excitement. I had already turned down cake due to the eggs in it and was armed with re-usable bags ready for the supermarket shop!

For those of you who have done a bikini competition, you will know that consistency is key. This means eating the same thing every single day. Doing it as a vegetarian meant that options were rather limited for me in the low fat, high protein department. My coach and I found a plan that worked and we stuck to it for the whole of my prep. So you can imagine how I felt when I had all the fruits, vegetables and grain options to choose from – I was like a kid in a candy store! Yup, I admit I am so sad, fruits and vegetables excite me! Just the colour, the texture, the taste and don’t even get me started on combining them all to create a masterpiece.

After much research I headed to my nearest health food store and supermarket and stocked my cupboards with everything I would need for the first week – remember preparation is key!

30 Day Vegan Challenge Prep


I also purchased a small raw vegan protein powder to get me started. I had previously been on a high protein diet so wanted to maintain that for a while, as I didn’t want to make to many drastic changes all at once.

Vegan Protein Powder

During the summer I had started a potted garden that consisted of herbs and vegetables, so I had already got those ready and on the go. I also purchased lots of seasonal fruits and veggies from the supermarket.

Homegrown Vegan Food

It is SO easy and rewarding to go to the garden centre, buy some pots, buy some herbs and vegetables and plant them. It is so satisfying sitting down to eat food that you have lovingly grown yourself.

Homegrown Vegan Food

Once I had got all my foods home and packed away, it was time to start meal prepping. As I had decided to go for the dried bean option rather than tinned ones, I knew I had to begin by getting them soaking.

Most beans need soaking overnight and a good hour cooking. Although this seems like a lot of hassle, if you just put them in a glass jar to soak before you go to bed or work and then put them on the stove after you return, it is easy.

It is a much cheaper option, you know they haven’t been sitting cooked in a tin for ages and you can prepare A LOT at once.

30 Day Vegan Challenge Prep

I used an old glass coffee jar to soak my beans in.

I also made a cheeky little purchase that timed perfectly with this challenge. I had some John Lewis Vouchers so decided to use them on buying a new blender – the NutriBullet Pro!! You can buy so many cheaper alternatives, but as it was a gift, I thought why not spend the money on something that will be put to good use.

NutriBullet Pro

Finally, I decided to go out and purchase some glass jars to transport smoothies, juices and lunches in. Again, this is not something that is essential, but I decided once I had them, they can be used over and over again for a long time.

30 Day Vegan Challenge Prep

I am now fully prepared and ready to start the challenge!

Be sure not to miss my next post where I show you everything I have made with my purchases during the first week of the challenge!

Lorna x