Yoga Chill Playlist

Yoga Chill

Yoga Chill Playlist

Lots of people come up to me after class and ask me to give the name of a certain song that I played during the class.

I truly believe that music has a powerful effect on people during a yoga class and choosing the right music for the type and part of a yoga class is essential – see my other post on The power of Music in a Yoga Class for more on my thoughts on this.

I thought it would be a nice idea to share my current yoga playlist with you. Whether you are looking for some music for your own class, your home practice or just some chill out music, I have just the tune!

Yoga Chill Playlist

1. Farewell Stars – Message to Bears

2. Immunity  – Jon Hopkins

3.  Threnody – Goldmund

4. An Ending a Beginning – Dustin O’Halloran

5. CMF – Caspian

6. Halving the Compass – Helios

7. Where is My Mind – Maxence Cyrin

8. Light -Dr Toast

9. Seven – Mr Cooper

10. To Build a Home – The Cinematic Orchestra

11 Breathe – Alexi Murdoch

12. The Wisp Sings – Winter Aid

13. 10 Laws – East Forest

14. Little Bird – Angus & Julia Stone

15. Breath – Helen Jane Long

16. Hope Valley Hill – Helios

17. Nothing It Can – Helios

18. Them – Nils Frahm

19. Loftio Verour Skyndilega Kalt – Olafur Arnalds

20. Pu Ert Joroin – Olafur Arnalds

21. 301210 – Antonymes

22. Ajna – Alex Theory & Shiva Rae

This is the exact order that I play the songs so the beginning and end songs are very calm and the middle section is more upbeat.

Lorna x