When You Don’t Want to Do Yoga…


When You Don’t Want to Do Yoga…

I love yoga so much, it is a big part of my life, but sometimes it just sits on the back burner, and like a child, I cross my arms, huff and think “I do not want to do it, or know it, or speak of it!” I know, I know,  that sounds terrible coming from a yoga teacher, but I am only human and move with the tide of life.

My journey to my first bikini competition left not much room for yoga as I was in the gym mainly twice a day, so yoga was put on hold. I knew I should do it and most of all I missed my morning meditation session, setting me up nicely for the day, but it all had to wait while I spent time preparing for my show.

Don’t get me wrong, I did yoga poses every single gym session in the form of stretching pre and post workout, but it wasn’t the yoga I was used to, the mind-body connection and the spiritual feeling I get when I practice.

I am not sure if it is the turning of the seasons, the fact that I am no longer heading towards a goal of ‘competing’ in a bikini competition or the ahimsa (non-violence) side of my ’30 Day Vegan Challenge’ creating a calmer me, but the urge to practice yoga really hit me hard!

When my show was over, I wanted to incorporate yoga back into my life. Not just teaching it, but practicing it for myself. On Saturday of my second week of being vegan I gained my 500 hour certificate of Yoga Teaching! It was a lovely day full of yoga and friends and those yoga days always bring me back to yoga and make me feel whole again.

Yoga Qualified

Then on Monday I attended a Mindfulness In Schools course which was all about how to help staff, as well as children bring mindfulness into their lives. I really enjoyed the course and loved spending time talking and practising mindfulness. The whole two days felt like I was coming home again to something warm and familiar.

Tuesday came and I got to the gym as normal but rather than jumping on the Stairmaster, I found a quiet spot and started to practice the Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga. I found it hard to fully get into my practice as people kept coming and going into studio where I was and then I had to leave as there was a class starting, so I had a short practice and decided that tomorrow I would stay at home and practice from there in peace.

For the next 3 days I woke up at 5:10am and practiced the Ashtanga Primary Series until 6:20am. I did not get all the way through the Primary Series as that would probably take me over 2 hours, but I managed to do a half series followed by a short relaxation and pranayama of alternate nostril breathing. Boy, did it feel good!

On Saturday I had a rest day, which is what they recommend in the practice of Ashtanga Yoga and then on Sunday I attended a Counted Ashtanga Full Primary Series that lasted for two hours at CamYoga in Cambridge.

Cam Yoga Central

It felt so good to be practising again and after those five days of practice my body was beginning to ease out and go back to how it was when I practiced regularly before.

I find that yoga always has a funny way of sneaking back into my life when its ready. They say we are creatures of habit, but I feel we all need change and many things can affect how we feel inside and what we want to do. We are taught to listen to our bodies, so we must do just that.

I was watching a YouTube video of a girl talking about being vegan and she said that we should ‘eat for health, not aesthetics‘ and I am feeling that way about exercise as well. At the moment, I want to exercise in a way that will benefit my mind, body and soul as well as doing something I am interested and enjoy doing. Yoga ticks all those boxes.

Overall, I feel that it is okay to change our minds and to have a break from yoga. We all know yoga is good for us but if you spend some time exploring another path that makes you feel like that, then I say go down it! We only get one life, so why not seize and take opportunities when they arise. At least you know that yoga is always waiting for you again when you feel ready.

Lorna xx