30 Day Vegan Challenge – Final Week – Week 4

30 Day Vegan Challenge – Final Week – Week 4

So here it is. My final week of the 30 Day Vegan challenge! I really feel I’ve found my stride and do not have any problems with eating plant based.

Eating Out

I decided to organise a meal out for myself and work colleagues and I decided to book a table at Bills Restuarant. I obviously looked at the menu beforehand and was pleasantly surprised to see a ‘VE’ sign on few of their foods! This meant that certain food were completely vegan! Admittedly there was not much, but the fact they had two main meal options that were vegan made me feel very happy!

I decided to go with the vegan chickpea dahl and was so happy with my choice – it was delicious!

Bills Restaurant Vegan Dahl

I will definitely have this again!

Meal Prep

So once again I was back into the kitchen and ready to produce a new meal.

This week I had a go at making the some beetroot burgers. I have made burgers in the past but they have come out very dry, but these burgers were so delicious and even a hit with the boyfriend!

Beetroot Burgers

Vegan Beetroot Burger

This week I purchased lots of seasonal veg including butternut squash and aubergine and decided to cut it all up and roast it. I then had it throughout the first half of the week and enjoyed having pieces as a little snack!

Roasted Vegetables

I continued to make my favourite juice at the weekends as I have more time to clean up after I make the juice on a Saturday and Sunday!

Beetroot Juice Beetroot Juice

These bottles of homemade juice were a perfect pre-yoga juice!

Overall Feelings

I feel like this post is a bit boring because I don’t feel like I have much to say. At the end of the four weeks, I feel I have coped well without dairy and eggs, which were the only two things for me that I had to eliminate from my diet as I have been a vegetarian for 5 years now.

The thing I have found hardest to deal with is when my sweet cravings come in and I really fancy a dessert or a sweet treat, particularly when out having a meal. Very rarely do restaurants cater for vegans in the dessert section, which is a big shame in my opinion! However, this is not such a bad thing as desserts are usually very calorific in restaurants and I can go away and make a semi-healthy dessert usually involving peanut butter, cacaco or dates!

Since going vegan, I have found myself a lot more appreciative of restaurants that do cater for vegans. On a recent trip to Belle Italia, once the waiter found out I was vegan, he purposefully brought over the dessert menu and pointed me to the vegan dessert they had – I OBVIOUSLY ordered this!!! It was nice that they were looking out for me and trying to make my experience there enjoyable.

Will I continue or give it all up?

Yes, of course I will continue!! To put it simply – I feel I have educated myself in why I should be vegan too well; I have found substituting foods too easy; people have been too accommodating and I have enjoyed myself and my food too much to stop!!!! I know it will not always be plain sailing, and I will come across times when it will feel awkward and I will feel like a “pain”, but at least I can walk away feeling like I have done my bit for the planet, the animals and myself!

Up Next: Vegan Best Bits – The favourite meals I discovered during my 30 Day Vegan Challenge.

Lorna x