Why Should I Practise Yoga during Pregnancy?

Pregnancy Yoga

Why Should I Practise Yoga during Pregnancy?

I have recently qualified as a Pregnancy Yoga Teacher and so wanted to share some of what I learnt with you, before I forget some of the best bits!

Before attending the course I had a rough idea of how pregnancy works and some of the do’s and don’t when practising yoga, but I learnt so much useful information on my course including:

  • Optimal birthing positions
  • Active birthing
  • Pelvic floor exercises to help you stregnthen our pelvic floor during pregnancy and to help you relax during labour
  • Breathing techniques to help you relax during pregnancy and labour
  • Yoga poses that can ease any pregnancy pain or discomfort!

That’s a lot of useful information, especially for someone who is about to embark on motherhood!

So here are my top reasons you should find yourself a pre-natal yoga teacher or class today!

1. To relax you

This one seems like an obvious one and one that is a reason for any person, pregnant or not, to practise yoga. During pregancy you are going through so many changes both mentally and physically. Not only do you have a baby growing inside which causes physical changes with the body and also hormonal changes, but you also have to deal with the external changes going on. You will be preparing the nursery, you may be going on maternity leave and your role from singularly a woman to a mother could be about to change (if it is your first child). I am sure that you will also be given a huge amount of advice that you may find quite hard to take it all on board, or may just plainly not want to hear!


2. To prepare you for birth

A good pre-natal yoga class will provide you with postures and positions that are suitable for various stages of labour. They will also teach you some breathing techniques that can help to keep you calm during labour and to also help the pelvic floor to relax when it is time to give birth!


3. To  build strength

No, I don’t mean the type of ‘lifting heavy weights’ strength, but during pregnancy you loose muscle tone due to the hormones in your body to help ‘relax’ the body ready for birthing your baby. As well as this, your baby will weigh around 3-4kg, the placenta weighs around 1kg, you gain water weight to keep your baby safe and lots of other small changes that all add up to having to carry around a hefty amount of weight. Practising yoga helps to keep your body mobile, to build stamina for carrying all that weight and for the effort needed when giving birth.


4. To have fun and meet like minded people!

I am sure that in the months leading up to your babies birth it is all ‘baby baby baby’. Some people may totally love this and happily eat, sleep and breath talking about their baby, but some people might just want a little escape now and again. A pregnancy class is a great time to go and be yourself, chill out and escape the busy world without being judged. No one there is going to expect you to do any ‘Instagram worthy’ poses, or to be the most flexible person ever. This is your time to go and to listen to your body and do what it wants. A pre-natal yoga class is also a good time to meet other mothers and make some friends. You may find people who are at a similar stage of pregnancy as you and this is a good time to make some good connections ready for when the baby is born.


pregnant woman


I hope these gives you an idea of just some of the awesome benefits for attending a pre-natal yoga class. There are lots of other benefits and many of them span across to a regular yoga class as well.

Here are a few places you can search for a local teacher in your area:

Yoga Trail

British Wheel of Yoga

Yoga Hub


Lorna xx