5 Healthy Morning Routines to Start Your Day Feeling Great


5 Healthy Morning Routines to Start Your Day Feeling Great

Sometimes when we wake up in the morning we feel tired, groggy and generally unenthusiastic about the day ahead. Hopefully this isn’t something that you feel everyday, but it is normal to feel this sometimes, particularly if our sleep wasn’t the best the night before.

Here are five things that you can begin to incorporate into your morning routine to help you get out of that negative vibe and set you on the path to having a great day.


1. Drink a glass of warm water and lemon

Think about you, you wake up in the morning and your body hasn’t had a proper drink for around 8 hours (or however many hours sleep you have had) plus the hours before you went to bed that you didn’t drink – no wine or fizzy drinks don’t count. By drinking a nice warm glass of lemon water, not only will it hydrate your body, get your digestive system in gear, but it will also make you feel more awake and alert. Try it before your morning coffee.


2. Yoga!

Practising yoga first thing in the morning has the ability the make your day go that little bit better! After many hours of sleep our muscles are short and cold, yoga helps to warm and lengthen our muscles, ridding them of any niggles that may have developed over the night.

As well as this, when we practise yoga our main focus is on the breath. When we practise first thing in the morning it allows our lungs to be used to their full capacity and may also make us more away of our breath throughout the day.

Meditation is also a great morning practice to have that follows the breath. to read more about the benefits of meditation on our daily lives, click here.

Finally, Yoga in the morning can make us feel great about ourselves! We got up and made an effort to get onto our mat and then stayed their for the duration of the time we set aside. This can leave us with a sense of accomplishment  and healthiness as well as leaving us more likely to make healthy, positive choices throughout the day.

Whether its for an hour or just 10 minutes, it can have a big impact!


3. Be Grateful

The benefits of practicing gratitude are nearly endless. People who regularly practice gratitude by taking time to notice and reflect upon the things they’re thankful for experience more positive emotions, feel more alive, sleep better, express more compassion and kindness, and even have stronger immune systems.

There are many ways that you can practice gratitude, and they don’t just have to be in the morning! Here are some ways:

  1. Look around you and note all the things you are grateful for.
  2. Start a journal and everyday write a list of 5 or 10 things you are grateful for in your life/day.
  3. When something “bad” happens such as your car breaking down, notice something you are grateful for in that moment – ‘I’m really grateful I took the time to register for break down service’, ‘I’m really grateful that it is not raining right now’ etc. Yes, I know that seems REALLY difficult to do in that situation, but you cannot change what is happening to you, so you might as well try and think positively about it, right?


4. Eat a healthy breakfast

Nothing makes you body and mind feel better than starting the day with a healthy breakfast. Not only will your body thank you that it has the proper fuel to get you through the morning, but you will also feel good that you took the time to nourish your body.

Some healthy breakfasts I like to have are:

  1. Porridge with banana – check out my chocolate porridge recipe here.
  2. A smoothie filled with all my favourite fruits and veggies.
  3. Avocado on wholemeal toast.


5. Smile!

So simple but so effective! There have been many scientific studies carried out on the power of smiling and it is thought that the simple act of a physical smile, authentic or not, tricks your brain into thinking you’re actually happy. Smiling also triggers us to think back to joyful memories, further improving mood.

In addition to lifting mood and reducing stress, other research has shown that people who smile are thought to be more friendly and likeable, and smiling actually makes those around you cheerier as well.



My advise to you is to add one of these things to your morning routine at a time and see how it feels. When that becomes a habit, try introducing another one and so on. Before you know it, you’ve cultivated a healthy morning routine that you love and makes you feel fantastic!


Let me know what your favourite healthy morning routines are in the comments below, by email or through one of my social media platforms.

Lorna xx