Autumn Yoga Playlist

Autumn Yoga Playlist

Autumn Yoga Playlist

Today I’m sharing with you my current playlist that I always put on if I am teaching yoga or practising it myself. It makes me feel calm and helps me to focus on my practice. If you need a new playlist or would like some ideas then check it out below.

All of the songs are instrumental and fit in with the flow of a normal class. The first few tracks are ideal for you meditation and slow warm-ups. The music then gets a little bit more lively when I usually do my standing/flow practice. It then slows down again for the relaxing cool down before some beautifully soothing tracks to aid you in Savasana.

If you would like to know more about the power of music during a yoga class then click here to read my blog post about it.
Peace love music


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There are a variety of ways you can access my NEW Autumn Yoga Playlist…


Listen here…



Click the link below to take you to my playlist in your Spotify:

Open in Spotify 


 Yoga Playlist

Search Directly on Spotify

Just type into the search bar ‘Loyoga’s Autumn Yoga Playlist’


Autumn Yoga Playlist


Let me know if you give it a listen and what you thought of it. Also, if you have any favourite yoga songs you think I should be adding to my list then please drop me message in the comments below, via email or on any of my social media platforms.

Lorna xx