How To Create Your Own Meditation Space

Meditation Space

How To Create Your Own Meditation Space


Check out my top tips for creating your own meditation space that will leave you wanting to come back for more.


More and more people are taking up mediation as part of their daily routine, and I couldn’t be more delighted! With the rise in popularity people are seeing the benefits of a daily meditation, which is helped by the numerous Meditation app’s that can be found available to download. Many of them have free meditations which you can access anytime and anyplace.
So with the number of people taking to meditation rising, is a meditation space in our homes going to becoming more popular as well? By having a mediatation space, it gives you a place that you can go to where you feel safe and calm to spend a few minutes calming the mind. When you fill it with all the things you love, it can be a little haven for you to escape to when the world around you seems crazy and overwhelming.


Why Meditate?


There is an abundance of articles, blogs, videos and scientific research out there for why we should meditate daily. In short, meditation helps us to take time out from our busy lives and begin to reconnect with ourselves again. When we aren’t taking time to listen to our bodies, we can become stressed, anxious and exhausted.

Meditation physically alters the brain and changes its structure – there is so much scientific proof that meditating everyday helps our brain to age more slowly and for us to feel mentally and physically healthier!

To read more about the benefits of meditation, be sure to check out my blog post The Benefits of Meditation for Everyday Life‘.



Creating a meditation space

Here are some ideas to help you create a beautiful, sacred space.


Find a quiet spot

Houses can get pretty busy and noisey when you are trying to take 5 minutes out! Be sure that where you choose to meditate is somewhere you know you can fully relax without someone walking in and wanting something. Also, try to choose a part of the house which is free from external noise as outdoor traffic, the television or people talking.


Clear out the clutter

We’ve all heard the saying – ‘Tidy house, tidy mind’, well the same goes for your meditation space. Try to clear any items that do not need to be there away so that you can create a calm and peaceful surrounding. You don’t want the first thing you see when you open your eyes after a nice meditation is that dirty pile of washing you really need to get sorted!


 Fill with your favourite items

Now you’ve found a space and its clean and tidy, you are ready to fill it. Find some beautiful crystals that inspire you, maybe a meditating Buddha that makes you feel calm or a plant that reminds you of our natural world. Choose items that comfort and relax you. Remember, you can change these up regularly to keep you inspired or as the seasons change.


Set the mood

Fill your beautiful space with calm lighting, sweet smelling candles or incense sticks. Try not to make the smells too overpowering as they could distract you from your meditation or give you a headache. Just one or two scented items is enough. You can purchase Fairy Lights and unscented candles pretty cheaply and they really help to set the mood.


Get comfy

Our final tip is to fill your space with comfortable blankets and cushions. These can be use to sit on or snuggle up in during the winter months. Try to choose cushions that compliment the space and don’t make it look to busy or cluttered.


Meditation Space


Struggling to find a space?


If you are not fortunate enough to have the ability to have a permanent spot for your meditation, then never fear. You can still use the same tips above to create a space that you tidy away at the end of your session. You can make it part of your slowing down ritual to set up the cushions, turn down the lights and  light a few candles.


If you struggle to find somewhere quiet, then try using some ear plugs to block out noise and create a sign on the door saying you are meditating so do not disturb.


So long as you have somewhere you can meditate, you can create a space, permanent or not.


A Helping Hand


If you are new to meditation or need some extra aids, then be sure to check out my shop page where you can buy Meditation packs to focus and enhance your meditation.


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I would love to see some of your meditation spaces so please tag me in any pictures on social media or send me a picture via email.


Lorna xx