31 Day Mindfulness Challenge!

31 Day Mindfulness Challenge

31 Day Mindfulness Challenge!

Try my 31 day mindfulness challenge to reduce levels of stress and to feel an overall sense of physical and mental wellbeing


The festive period is almost upon us (for some people it is already here) and this is the time of year when people report feeling most stressed out. Not only due to being busy preparing for the day, but also the stress of buying presents, keeping everyone happy, seeing family and planning out those precious few days. People often have time off work but would not call it a ‘holiday’ due to the amount of stress they feel. Here’s where I come in…

If you can find even just 5 minutes each day to do something mindful or spend time out for yourself, it can significantly reduce your levels of stress.  When people think about being mindful they often think about sitting with their eyes closed and following their breath. Yes, this is definitely one aspect of mindfulness and this is really great to quieten a busy mind, but mindfulness is also about how we go about our everyday lives and thinking about our thoughts and actions.


What is the 31 Day Mindfulness Challenge?

I have created a 31 day mindfulness challenge which sets you a simple task to complete everyday that gets you to be mindful.

Some of the tasks are to do with writing something down, so you may want to get a journal or notebook. By writing things down you are getting your thoughts down onto paper which can help to relieve a lot of stress and can create a mind-body connection. If you were asked to write something that is amazing about yourself,  just the process of writing it out and reading it back to yourself can start to embed that into your thoughts and beliefs.

Some tasks are about being more active like taking a walk, getting outside or following your breath. You may groan at the thought of these ideas but it wouldn’t be a ‘challenge’ if it didn’t get you out of your comfort zone now would it?! By becoming more active, you increase your levels of endorphins which we all know as the happy hormone – something we all need this time of year! By encouraging you to be outside, doing some stretching (yoga) etc you are getting away from stressful situations and giving yourself a chance to reconnect back to you.

Other tasks are about being healthy such as making a healthy breakfast or drinking lots of water. I firmly believe that what we put into our bodies effects how we feel mentally and physically so by encouraging you to take a small step to becoming a little more healthy (not saying you are not already!) might make a long lasting change.

Finally, some tasks are about reaching out to other people. It is easy to take our stress out on other people and quite often others are fighting a battle we know nothing about. So by reaching out to someone and telling them they look great, or just asking them how they are, we can help them to feel good,  but we can also feel more fulfilled and positive ourselves. You never know, something amazing might happen if you connect with someone you haven’t spoken to in a while!


How do I do the 31 day challenge?

First off, be sure to download the mindfulness challenge to your phone or computer. You could even print if off and tick the challenges off as you go.

I would recommend reading the challenge you have to do the night before so it gives you a chance to think about how you can fit it into your day or if you need to prepare anything (such as a healthy breakfast).

Either set aside sometime in the day to do something or jump straight in. I find the best way to ensure you do something is to do it first thing in the morning. If you have to do 5 minutes of breathing, then do it when you are lying in bed. If you have to do at least 5 minutes of stretching, then set your alarm a little earlier and get it done.

If you can, make a record of what you have done for that day so you can remind yourself of what you did and how it made you feel. You may feel some unexpected good feelings that you want to get down on paper. This could either be in a notebook or on social media such as Instagram. There are so many people who love to put a picture and a little caption to share what they have done.

Please tag me in your Instagram post @lo_yoga so I can see how you get on, as I will be doing the challenges as well.


When to start?

Feel free to start right away. My plan is to start on the 24th November so that it will see me right through the start of the festive period up until Christmas Day. You may like to then start again or think of your own little mindfulness tasks and complete them.

Of course,  the 31 day challenge is not dated so if you want to start at another time, then please feel free!

If you miss a day, then just catch up the next day. The last thing I want is to add more stress to your 31 days!!


The 31 Day Mindfulness Challenge

Download your copy of the 31 Day Mindfulness Challenge by click the picture below:

31 Day Mindfulness Challenge

Good luck with it and I hope that it helps you to sail through the next 31 days feeling calmer and more connected to yourself and to others. Please let me know how you get on and be sure to keep up to date with how I am getting on with the challenges over on my Facebook Page and Instagram page.

Lorna xx