Detox For the New Year – Part 2 – The Mind

Detox your mind

Detox For the New Year – Part 2 – The Mind

Help the new year start off great by detoxing your body, mind and home to create more peace and space in your life. In this blog I will be looking at simple ways to detox your mind of negative thoughts and emotions and ideas to help you live a more positive life.


The new year is always a great time to make changes that can help your year be the best yet. Although we never know what is just around the corner and what life will throw at us, it is important to look after ourselves so we can feel prepared and ready for anything that comes our way!


Why detox?

When you look up detox in the dictionary it states it is:

“a process or period of time in which one abstains from, or rids the body of, toxic or unhealthy substances; detoxification.”

‘Unhealthy substances’ doesn’t exclusively mean what we put into our mouth, but also what we put into our mind. If you have been constantly filling your mind with negative thoughts and carrying out negative patterns of behaviour, our mind can start to live in that negative state which can really drag us down making us feel sluggish and sad.

As well as this, any clutter or mess in our home can create disarray in the mind, making it hard for us to relax and feel at ease with the area we so often spend a lot of time in. So by ridding the home of these unhealthy items it can bring about more clarity as well as space.

In this blog I will be looking at the things we can include in our daily lives that will help our mental and emotional state of mind feel in its best condition and best armed for any stress that may arise throughout the year.




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Part 2 – Detox the Mind


Every second of everyday our mind is processing thoughts and beliefs about the world around us which shape our choices and decisions without even realising it. Past experiences and other peoples opinions can effect our choices and influence the way we feel. It is really important (but sometimes really hard) to let go of previous judgements and to look at the world as it is right this second and how we feel about it right now, in order to make decisions. Even if the decisions we make are difficult ones, if we can try and remain as positive and optimistic as possible, it can help soften the blow of decisions that are unavoidable and uncomfortable.

Here are some little exercises are activities that you can do to adopt a more positive and healthy outlook on life and help to bring peace and calm into your mind, even if your surroundings don’t match!


1. Set Some Intentions


Now is a great time to look over the previous year and see what went well and set an intention for what we want to improve on this new year.

‘Our intention creates our reality’ – Wayne Dwyre


An intention can be anything from a daily goal such as ‘to smile more’ ‘to not use negative sayings’ to a long term goal such as ‘make more time for family’ ‘take more time for myself’.

To set an intention do the following:

  • Close your eyes and think about what your body needs or what other people may need from you. Try not to base it all on immediate feelings if you are setting long term goals but instead really listen to your body and how it has been feeling over the past year. Think about how you could change this for the better and what you need to do.
  • Next, write your intention down in a journal or somewhere you can keep referring back to it. You may like to write down why you have chosen these intentions incase you need a little inspiration to keep you going after a few weeks.
  • Remind yourself of these intentions from time to time. Keep them in the back of your mind. You will begin to notice opportunities arising that can help you achieve your intention. Be sure to take these opportunities as they are little gifts from the universe offering you a helping hand.


Intention Making

2. Find the Positives


This can be tough, especially if we have been on negative auto-pilot for many years. It is important that when something happens, instead of thinking of the worst or moaning about it, we try to look at it in a positive way.

I have a very dear friend who I share an understanding with that if we come to each other moaning or being negative about something, the other person looks at it from a different point of view and finds the positive. My friend did this recently to me when I told her something I was worried about and it instantly lifted my mood. I hadn’t thought about the situation in the way she said it and I really felt like I would be okay after speaking to her.

It’s great if you have a friend who can do this, but it is also important that you train your mind to do the same, for those times when your friend is not around. After a time of positive thinking, your mind will automatically refer to the positives rather than the negatives and it will keep your mood lifted.


Postive quotes

3. Meditate


I am a strong believer in meditation helping us to live a more mindful and calmer life. By learning to quieten the mind and slow our breathing down, we are able to deal with stressful situations a lot better. We are also able to relax easily after a hectic day and learn to let go of the past, rather than holding onto it making us tense.


You can try listening to one of my free meditations on my YouTube channel:


Gratitude Meditation

Slowing Down Meditation


or download my free 10 minute body scan meditation here to save onto your phone:


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4. Journal

Journalling has increased in popularity over the few months and there are many journals out there that you can write in that contain little helpful hints and quotes. You can get this quite cheaply. However, a simple lined notebook will also do. The idea is that every morning or evening (or both) you write in your journal to help you let go of your thoughts and get them down on paper. So often we keep things going over and over in our minds so either we don’t forget, or things we feel we can’t say to others. When we write it down, it is like we are sending it out into the world.

Ideas of things you could write down in your journal are:

  • How you are feeling
  • Your intentions for the day
  • 5 positive things that happened during the day
  • 3 things you are grateful for today
  • Things you need to remember (this is a good way to relax knowing you have it stored safe)
  • Long term goals
  • Small achievements you have made
  • Letters to people you don’t send (a great way to get things off your chest)

Or anything else that comes to mind!