Detox For the New Year – Part 3 – Declutter Your Space


Detox For the New Year – Part 3 – Declutter Your Space

Help the new year start off great by detoxing your body, mind and home to create more peace and space in your life. In this final part of my blog series I will be looking at ways to declutter the spaces in which we spend a lot of our time to help you feel more relaxed and calm.


The new year is always a great time to make changes that can help your year be the best yet. Although we never know what is just around the corner and what life will throw at us, it is important to look after ourselves so we can feel prepared and ready for anything that comes our way!


Why detox?

When you look up detox in the dictionary it states it is:

“a process or period of time in which one abstains from, or rids the body of, toxic or unhealthy substances; detoxification.”

‘Unhealthy substances’ doesn’t exclusively mean what we put into our mouth, but also what we put into our mind. If you have been constantly filling your mind with negative thoughts and carrying out negative patterns of behaviour, our mind can start to live in that negative state which can really drag us down making us feel sluggish and sad.

As well as this, any clutter or mess in our home can create disarray in the mind, making it hard for us to relax and feel at ease with the area we so often spend a lot of time in. So by ridding the home of these unhealthy items it can bring about more clarity as well as space.

In this blog I will be looking at small things we can do to ensure the spaces in which we occupy such as our home, office and car are clutter free to help us feel calmer and more centred.




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Detox Your Space

We’ve all heard the saying ‘tidy house, tidy mind‘ but what does this actually mean? There have be many studies carried out looking out stress levels of people who believe they live in a tidy environment and those who believe they live in a cluttered, chaotic environment. The studies often found that those people who perceived themselves as living in a cluttered environment had higher levels or Cortisol (the stress hormone) compared to those who perceived themselves as having a tidy environment.


We love to accumulate things and over time this can really build up. Often, when out shopping, we believe that by buying that new item of clothing or piece of furniture, we will be happier. However, the more stuff we have, the more anxious, depressed and joyless we often feel. Having too much clutter could seriously impact your psychological health – also making it harder for you to clean your home which could leave you feeling stressed out.


So what can we do to declutter and reduce stress?


Here are my 5 top ways to help you detox the spaces in which you live to help lower those Cortisol levels and to help you live a less chaotic life…


Declutter your closet/wardrobe

We are all guilty of hiding at the back of our wardrobe those worn out jeans, that too small top or that button missing shirt that we will  fix eventually! However, now is the time to say goodbye to it all!

I’m not sure about you, but I am constantly getting charity bags through the door asking for clothes donations. Why not start the new year off with a big clear out of items of clothing that you either haven’t worn for a year, or don’t fit anymore.

Remember that clothing shops do still exist, so if you find a few months down the road you could really do with a new pair of jeans, then go out and treat yourself! You will be safe in the knowledge that you have got rid of the pair that didn’t quite fit and that you are buying something that you will get great use out of.


declutter your wardrobe


Clean out your car

Here’s some stats that may shock you:

  • According to the Telegraph, The average motorist now spends three full years of their life driving.
  • The research from traffic information company Inrix, found drivers spend an average of 32 hours a year stuck in jams during peak periods in the UK.


This is A LOT of time spent in one small space. So have a think about your car environment. So many of us (me included) often neglect our car interior maintenance and find our car is muddy, dusty and filled with rubbish. It is not a very nice environment to be spending so much time stuck in traffic, is it?

So take some time to throw out empty food packets, old car parking tickets and have a good old clean. Give the dashboard a polish, clean the windows and don’t forget to give the outside a clean as well. Just walking to your car and seeing it nice and sparkly can instantly boost your mood. You could even get yourself a nice car air freshener so next time you are stuck in traffic you can sit back and relax in a nice smelling, clean environment.


Clean Car


Sort through your fridge and cupboard

This task fits in nicely with Part 1 of the Detox for the New Year. By sorting through your cupboard and fridge you can throw away any foods that you may have forgotten about that have gone out of date or donate any foods that may derail your efforts for a happier, healthier new you!

Most supermarkets now has a collection where you can donate foods to your local food bank. So long as the food is within date and has not been opened, it is good to donate! What better way to get healthy, declutter your cupboard and  do a good deed all at the same.

By decluttering your cupboard and fridge, when you next go to open it, you will not be bombarded with food items and choices but instead have a neat, tidy and purposeful cupboard with ingredients ready to make that perfect healthy meal.


Declutter Your Cupboards


Tidy up your desk

In a typical working week, people spend on average of 5 hours and 41 minutes per day sitting at their desk and 7 hours sleeping at night. That means we spend nearly as long at our desk as we do in our bed. So why not make it the most perfect, calming, welcoming environment it can be to keep ourselves happy and feeling positive.

Start by clearing the top of your desk. Get rid of any rubbish you don’t need and place a pot plant or photo of something special to look at. You could also get yourself some affirmation cards that you will see regularly to keep you feeling positive.

Next, go through any drawers you have and have a sort and tidy. There is nothing worse than having to rummage in every drawer under old bits of paper and loose staples just to find a paperclip. Sort and organise each drawer so you know exactly where everything is. You will also save yourself a lot of time as well!

Finally, polish and disinfect your desk. New research has found that your computer or laptop keyboard is 20,000 times dirtier than a toilet seat. So keep some anti-bac wipes in your now tidy drawer to keep everything clean and in order.

I can guarantee you will feel calmer and more productive by having a detox of your desk. You will also be much happier spending time there.


Declutter Your Desk


Focus on one area at a time

My final point is a reminder to not make yourself even more stressed out, feeling like you have to do everything at once. Just focusing on one area at a time can make a big difference to your overall wellbeing. Start with the area that stresses you out the most, or is the biggest task to complete and then once you have enjoyed that space being clutter free, move on to the next area.

You may find, if you do it gradually and at your own pace, once you have had a declutter of the above areas, you want to continue and end up tackling other areas of your home or living spaces that need a good sort out.


If all else fails, remember…

Declutter your home