Morning Yoga – Yoga For Beginners

Morning Yoga

Morning Yoga – Yoga For Beginners

Enjoy this morning yoga sequence when you wake up to get your body moving and feeling great. The perfect practice for beginners or those looking for a slower pace to start their day.

Practising yoga in the morning is great for both the mind and body. Here are some of a few reasons why you should practice yoga in the morning:

  1. Stretches out any tension from the night before.
  2. Sets a great intention for your day.
  3. Helps to get rid of any negative or bad mood.
  4. Wakes you up and energises you.
  5. Gives you a little ‘me time’ before the busy morning day.
  6. Boosts your digestive system.
  7. Helps to clear the mind ready for a busy day.
  8. Keeps your heart healthy.
  9. When you practice in the morning you tend to stick to it as you don’t have people wanting things from you first thing in the morning (hopefully).
  10. It’s a fun way to start the day!

For more benefits have a read of a blog post I wrote all about morning yoga here.


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Yoga For Beginners


Here is a sequence I have created for you that stretches the body gently from head to toe. Looking at gentle twists and forward bends. We also look at Warrior II in detail.



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