The Benefits of Pregnancy Yoga

The Benefits of Pregnancy Yoga

Yoga during pregnancy is a great way to keep active and healthy but it also has many other benefits that can help during pregnancy and labour…


I’ve just started up my Pregnancy Yoga classes again at the Wellbeing Warehouse. I’ve been really enjoying taking women on a yoga journey through their pregnancy. Each lady that comes to me is at a different stage of their pregnancy, has various experiences of yoga (for some this is their first yoga experience) and this is either their first, second or third child.


About my Classes


My classes are not just about having a lovely stretch and relax at the end. Instead it is a way to ease any ache and pains from pregnancy and also to prepare them for labour. As well as being trained in Pregnancy Yoga, I also have first hand experience of being pregnant and doing yoga throughout. I know how it feels to be 37 weeks pregnant with an aching pelvis and a tiny foot digging into my ribs. I practiced yoga throughout my pregnancy and had my last 1-1 yoga session 6 days before I gave birth to my son! During my pregnancy I practiced Hypnobirthing techniques which I used during my labour. I attended a day workshop with my partner where we learnt so much about the science of the body and techniques for labour. I then look this away with me and practiced everyday to prepare. Finally to prepare myself for labour I attended the Daisy Birthing Workshops. These are great to learn about the how labour works, each stage of labour and how to prepare.

Using everything I have learnt, I incorporate movement and education into my classes. We look at breathing techniques, pelvic floor strengthening and releasing and yoga asana (poses) to use during pregnancy and labour.


For more information about my classes in Newmarket and Bury St Edmunds click here – Pregnancy Yoga.


Benefits of Pregnancy Yoga


Yoga during pregnancy is a great way for you to exercise safely, to ease general pregnancy aches and pains, to learn positions and breathing techniques for labour and to learn how to relax.


It helps you to develop an awareness of your body. It helps you to:

  • Prepare for birth by helping you to find comfortable positions for labour
  • Find ways to move/adapt the body for comfort
  • Find balance and your centre of gravity with your ever changing body
  • Increase your posture awareness
  • Become familiar with your body and how it changes
  • Increase your stamina for birth


In classes you will learn various breathing techniques to enable you to:

  • Manage contractions
  • Find a slow and steady breath
  • Turn inwards and observe
  • Develop your breath capacity


As well as benefits on the physical body and the breath, yoga during pregnancy helps to develop feelings of mental wellbeing. It can help to:

  • Build strength and stamina round the pelvic area
  • Find your own inner power for labour and pregnancy
  • Develop a feeling of wellbeing, being energised and flexible
  • Find the balance between strength and softness
  • Relieve tiredness



If you are pregnant then I would love to see at one of my classes. Click here for information on my classes in Newmarket and Bury St Edmunds. If you cannot make these then I can offer 1-1 sessions for you. Click here for more information regarding my private sessions.

My classes are suitable for all stages of pregnancy and all yoga abilities. So whether it is your first class or you are a seasoned yogi transitioning to pregnancy yoga my class will be perfect for you!


If you have any questions regarding my classes or private sessions then head to my contact me page or email me at