Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga

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Join Lorna for this Pregnancy / Prenatal Yoga class to build strength and create a calm body, mind and baby. A great opportunity to connect with your baby and to prepare you for labour.

Classes will consist of a breathing practice, pelvic floor work, seated and standing postures suitable for the 2nd and 3rd trimester and a lovely long relaxation. Classes is suitable for all abilities of yoga.  

Online Info:

This class is held for free thanks to the Wellbeing Warehouse. The class takes place each week on Zoom as it enables me to see everyone who is participating and to check they are all fit and healthy to take part. If you would like to join then please send me a message either on Facebook, Instagram or my Contact Me page and I will ask you a few questions and then send you the code for the upcoming class.

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Send me a message via my social media channels.


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