Children’s Yoga


After-school Clubs & Curriculum time, Lincolnshire

Children’s yoga classes offer a wonderful experience for your child to have fun, get moving and develop body awareness. Yoga can help to develop children’s flexibility, strength and coordination.


As well as looking at yoga poses in an interactive and age related way, we will also think about breathing exercises and mindfulness to help children develop a sense of inner calm and concentration.


These classes will help your child slow down and tune into their body, as well as their thoughts and feelings. We live in a very fast paced world now so yoga offers children the opportunity to slow down and to connect with their body.


I regularly go in to school’s to teach either during curriculum time or to run an after-school club. These sessions can either be themed around a topic the children are studying or as part of a PSHE topic. After-school clubs can be run throughout the year for up to 20 children.

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Please contact me if you would like me to run sessions in your school.

Kids Yoga