Postnatal Yoga


Postnatal Yoga classes online and in Grimsby area, North East Lincolnshire.

Having a baby is one of the most life changing events of your life. Under all the long nights and getting to grips with changing nappies, many women forget to look after themselves. No matter what type of birth you have had, your body needs the right care and attention to help it recover after such a big event.


Postnatal Yoga classes will support women throughout the fourth trimester and beyond to help recover from child birth, build strength back up again and help to ease out those ‘new mum’ muscle aches. Postnatal yoga is all about knitting the body back together after labour.


Even though this class is focused mainly around the Mum, babies are welcome to join and will be included in the class (however, there will be no baby yoga).


Classes will consist of a breathing practice, pelvic floor work, seated and standing postures and a lovely relaxation.


Classes are suitable for women who are 6-8 weeks postpartum and have been given the all clear to exercise from their doctor.


If you are interested in Postnatal Yoga then please contact Lorna directly on her Contact me page or send her a message via one of her social media channels.


Postnatal Yoga